Tuesday, November 27, 2012

                                                       DECEMBER 9TH 2012
                                                        BELL TIME 5PM
                                205 CANNON STREET HAMILTON ONTARIO
                                            FOR TICKETS CALL 905 517 699
                         OR TO DONATE CLICK THE LINK ON THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE            

wrestling for Noah is a charity event raising money for a young 8 year old boy with stage 4 cancer the event will feature wrestling and bands and will be held at the cannon 205 studios in Hamilton Ontario
tickets are 10$ and on sale now

A charismatic and energetic 8 year old boy was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. He has since endured the removal of a large tumor and one of his kidneys. Although he is recovering well from the surgery, he has a long road of chemotherapy ahead.
In an
effort to relieve some of the financial strain that his family will face throughout this difficult time we have initiated this Benefit.

gnarly skull and Strange cargo will be playing the pre-show starting at 4pm
plus a bonus match
Spin dizzy will be playing during intermission
plus a raffle will be part of the show with really awesome prizes that have been donated

Main Event
Steady Ballers vs CheckMate

Moondog Buddy vs Mr Saki

6 way scramble
Rip impact vs Robbie reckless vs EZE vs Louie averio
vs Sabre vs Gunderson

Ethan Page vs Timothy Krane

Hacker vs Preston Myles

John Greed vs JK47

tag Team gauntlet
The convoy
kwan Chang Tommy powers
Rhys greenaway Dallas carter
Mark Shaw Kingdoms Orion
Rex Atkins & Dain "the pain Jacobs

women's tag match
Sabrina Kyle & Oliviay Skyler
Gabriella Vanderpool & Jewells Malone

TO donate click the link below and support a great cause